Growing up we hear all kinds of stories, stories that spark our imagination. Whether it’s from fairy tales or hearing about the unexplainable things that have happened in the past or present. The Mary Celeste has always been one of the greatest mysteries I have heard, how nothing about it is every explainable, no matter what theory you come up with there is always going to be a flaw or a mistake in the theory. For those who don’t know the Mary Celeste story, I will explain it now in the most simplest way and after this I would love to hear other people’s theories for what happened with the Mary Celeste.

On December the 5th 1872 the Mary Celeste was discovered abandoned and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean.  The last noted log was they were within sight of the Azores Island of Santa Maria but when the Mary Celeste was discovered by Dei Gratia it was some 400 – 500 Miles away from the Azores Island. When the crew of Dei Gratia went aboard the Mary Celeste they found there was no sign of the captain, his family or any of the crew, aside from one missing lifeboat and being loaded with 6 months’ worth of food and water the boat was undamaged and in a good state. Also it has been reported the table was laid out and it was spread with half eaten food.

Reading through theories on the matter, some make sense, some have mistakes and some were just plain bizarre. Here are the Top 5 Theories of the Mary Celeste:-

  • ‘Crazed Mutiny’ – Initial checks of the ship found strange marks that may have been caused by an axe along with traces of what seemed to be blood. One of the men leading the case of the disappearance was fixated on the idea that members of the crew had got violently drunk on the ships cargo of alcohol and then massacred everyone else on board before departing on the ships sole lifeboat. This theory does have so many holes in, but the main thing you have to ask yourself is why would the crew member want to murder them even the captain’s children to sail of by himself when in the port they could of got their own boat?
  • ‘Criminal conspiracy’ – The ship hadn’t been looted but some people think one of the most obvious conspiracies is that North African Pirates attacked and killed the crew or The idea that it was an inside job and the captain and his family faked their deaths to claim the salvage money through a co-conspirator. If this had happened, surely they would of made it look like they died and not just disappeared.
  • ‘Alien Abduction’ well the title gives this theory away, and yes people actually believe and tried to prove they were abducted by aliens, but this is probably partly down to the idea many people have about the Mary Celeste being in an eerie pristine condition, with the log written a few days before the ship was discovered and the half eaten food laid out on the table. I know me and I know I wouldn’t leave food uneaten unless there was a tragedy happening or some emergency.
  • ‘Natural disaster’ to me this theory makes more sense, if they experienced a tornado at sea or a sea quake then there would be a good enough reason to abandon the ship. Maybe the crew were thinking the ship was about to sink and making the fatal mistake of going onto the lifeboat. This doesn’t have as many holes in as a theory, but when you read up, you notice that if some natural disaster were to occur would the food still be on the table? Wouldn’t the ship have more wear and tear for surviving a storm or disaster?.
  • ‘Alcohol Explosion’ maybe this theory makes sakes, but before I write it and before you read it, just think wouldn’t they of been found eventually? Even their corpses in the life boat or what not. But here goes, the final theory was the ships cargo of industrial alcohol. Whether to do with the turbulence or the weather or any impact that could have happened to the ship. That the noxious alcoholic fumes’ may have escaped making whoever was on the ship to think it was going to explode any minute, and because of that the captain decided to desert the ship, get on the life boat and get away from it.

In my person opinion, I think that whatever happened the Mary Celeste mystery will never be solved. We will keep coming up with theories, but that’s just what they are just simple theories. I know deep down this will always been a mystery unsolved but I can’t help think If I was on a ship in great condition, with my family and crew. A perfect meal lay out on the table and 6 months of cargo for us to survive I sure wouldn’t want to go anywhere unless it was an emergency or something bad was taking place.

I will be interested to hear what you think of this mystery, drop a comment and let me know. Keep on guessing my darlings.

 Xo Sophie