Something today has got me feeling sentimental, don’t know whether it’s because it’s the holidays or just because I’m moving away in the matter of weeks.

This year I have felt anger, betrayal and heartbreak. Everyone feels these emotions some time in their life, but above all that I have felt a happiness I have never felt before, I have put my trust in people that I can lean on,and I have loved someone I never though I could love, a love so deep and refreshing it woke me up from the harsh reality of life.

Every year that passes us by, we’re facing more problems and finding a strength in us we never though we had. Every year we learn more about ourselves than anyone else, we learn what we can and can’t stand, we learn about how our friends and family can impact our lives as we get older, but the main lesson we learn is how to grow.

We grow as individuals, no two people are the same. Everyone has different strengths and different talents. So when we look back we can think about all the times we survived a war with ourselves, the times we picked ourselves up whenever we fell. We managed to conquer anything.

As new years eve is approaching I want you to sit there and realize how much of a champion you are, take a look around with the people surrounding you. You have memories that you will keep with you forever, when people leave your life just think they left for a reason. People will come and go but the people you need in your life and the ones  are here to stay, support you with every decision and pick you up whenever you fall down.

I just ask this of my readers, If you are ever scared of falling in love, don’t be. Love is a magical feeling that awakens the soul, it makes you feel emotions you have never seen before. You will notice colors that you have never seen before. the adventure of starting new with someone. there will be fights and arguments but you have to hold on to that love, but nothing hurts worse than knowing you gave up when you could of had the best thing to happen to you.

Just experience life as it comes my darlings, always keep the best people around you. Love someone with every bone in your body. Awaken your passion for what you want to do in life and overall JUST BE YOU.

xo Sophie