I really like reading up about ghost stories and reading up about houses that are haunted by what people think are ghosts. So here’s one that caught my eye and I enjoyed reading about, so I thought I would write about it for you.

In the Town of Blakeslee, Arkansas. There was a house that everyone knew was haunted. It was an old run down house that vacated a side of a street in the oldest part of the town. What was strange was that sometimes you could smell the odor of freshly cooked bread coming out of the house and filling the street with the heavenly smell. Sounds would come out the house of laughter and music which made the neighbors wish they were invited. However whatever ghost took home there, seemed friendly enough even though no-one dared to go near or step near it until one day a man moved into the town from a distant city, he saw the empty house and asked “who owned it” he was told the owner was unknown and the property could be brought back for taxes. No-one told the stranger about what was happening with the house or any of the history. Soon after the man went to the city hall and purchased the property. Soon after moving in, however strange things began to happen – odd noises in the night, weird lights drifting room to room, the smells of baking from a cold kitchen and worst of all the sound of a party every time the new owner tried to get to sleep. After a daunting few weeks the owner and his family soon moved out because they couldn’t take it anymore. He soon became angry with everyone in town for not telling him about the houses history and went straight to the mayor to see if he could get his money back but the mayor simply said “The trick is making friends with the ghosts, learning to get along with them and learning to live with them.” furious the man turned to the local pastor who was considered the wise man of the town. After hearing him out the Pastor went with the man to check the house out. Which the pastor noticed the sounds of laughter, the smell of bread and music playing lightly in the background, while the house was empty. After talking for a fair amount of time the man found out that the Pastor came from his home town, and they both shared mutual friends. Together though they each shared a glass of whiskey and together they talked and joked about those things they have in common and felt a friendship growing. Meanwhile they were gone for so long the mans wife started to get worried thinking that the ghosts have got to him and soon rushed over to the house, but when she got there she looked through the window and saw that the table drinking, laughing and having a good time. The wives joined their husbands and found they had so much to talk about. The laughing and talking attracted the neighbors who stopped by and introduced themselves, pretty soon the kitchen was filled with the smell of cooking and that’s when the party began. The old house filled with real smells and real laughter. it was alive again and that, of course, was what it wanted all along. From that day to this current day the old house came alive once again and its ghosts were laid to rest never to be seen or heard from again.


The story is even though real or fake, true or not it’s the sweetest ghost story I have heard. Hope you enjoyed it my darlings.

xo Sophie