(I wanted to write a blog when I was drunk, here it is)

In my life I’ve had a really bad life I was tormented in school. well every school I ever went too. I was treated like dirt my whole life. I’ve dealt with Sexual assault, bullying, abuse and adoption. My life has been far from perfect.

After speaking to a friend, who hasn’t been through anything like that but has seen people go through it, it makes me think how hard it can be. As individuals we’re strong and weak but what happens to us defines us.

Growing up you think the world is all magic and rainbows, but as the years go by you realize the challenges you have to overcome. The only thing you need to learn is strength, that’s what you can survive with, go through every hardship with s brave face.

My whole life has been hell and everything that has happened at the times I blamed myself, but that takes you into a whirlwind of emotions and denial. It makes you hide every emotion inside until you con-bust and it all comes out at once.

Lately I’ve had writers block and I had no Idea what to write but then I realized why don’t I write what I know? write everything that is deep inside me waiting to get out. As they say the pen is stronger than the sword.

When you face trials in your life and you don’t know how to defeat it or overcome it, for example self harm and attempted suicide. I’ve done them both but now I’ve been clean for a while and I know deep inside me it wasn’t the answer and it never was, the physical pain removal isn’t worth the scars on your body, worth all the marks covering your skin.

If you feel alone you have to realize there is someone you can always talk to no matter what, you can’t keep dancing in shadows, you have to battle with the sunlight. You have to face every dark day with a smile.

You can get through anything, if I can then I’m sure you can too, because you know what I have that some people might not have?  Faith. I have faith in you like no-one had in me. You can pull through anything you put your hearts into.

You have to battle the demons you face everyday. No matter what drags down you have to survive and keep yourself up. The way you fall and the way you get back up make you the person you are. Every day is a challenge you face but I know you’ll get through them no matter what.

So my darlings, This has been a personal post from me, I love everyone who views this. I would go into more detail but I guess the past still hurts? You are your own unique person you can stand up to the world, you can be the person you have always wanted to be. I have faith that the darkness and depression or any mental disorder you are going through you can battle it, full force with no sign of surrender.

In the darkness you’ll find a light, if only you look deep enough. Stay strong and you will get through this. Just like I did, full force and have faith. Hold on to the things you love and the things that will make you a strong person. Goodnight my darlings and just remember life is full of surprises. Just go with it and enjoy every part you can..


xo Sophie