Something I love hearing about when I was a kid was Treasure myths. So intriguing that it’ll make you want to go out with a spade and a bucket to collect the treasure. 

Guatavita Myth.

We all hear of different and unusual rituals people used to have centuries ago, well back in ancient Colombia between 600 and 1600 CE the Muisca also known as the Chiba Tribe had a very unique ritual.

The chief Zipa of the tribe used to go onto a raft to the middle of the Guatavita lake, covered in gold dust and throw overboard gold, jewels, emeralds or anything of value, sinking them to the bottom of the lake.

Followed by the Chiefs and Citizens of the tribe following suit and throwing in their personal belongings too.

This because a yearly tradition, to sacrifice their prized possessions to the Gods. Here’s a twist for you this is the ceremony that became the famous El Dorado, which has taken so many lives and fortunes.

As the years went by rumors went flying around about all the treasures at the bottom of the lake and so many people from over the world came down to try and dig up or even drain the lake to try and find anything to make them rich. In 1911, an American company managed to drain the entire lake but by the time they drained the lake the surface hardened which made it impenetrable to dig so they never managed to get any of the treasure.

To this day draining of the lake is illegal, but I suppose if you can hold your breathe long enough and can get a really sharp spade, eventually you might find some treasure beneath.

XO Sophie