Over the years we’ve all heard of Robin Hood, whether it’s from a Disney movie or a reference. The heroic outlaw that decided to rob from the rich to give to the poor. A skilled talented Archer and swordsman with his band of merry men.
What if I tell you people believe that he was a real man? A man from Legend where he was sung about years ago. Even though no-one has proved his existence, people can’t prove he didn’t exist.

People always hear how he defeated the sheriff of Nottingham, well that’s what I watched and heard growing up as a kid. However that has yet to be proven, no-one can decide where he was actually from because there’s evidence in two separate places, yes Nottingham is one but so is Barnsdale.
In the 16th Century a singer/writer recorded Stoane manuscript, in this manuscript he write about Robin Hood’s death. He included it in one of his folk ballad’s also. It goes like this “Letting him bleed to death, buried him under a great stone by the hywayes side”. rob and spoyle those that passed, Rich or Poor that wouldn’t matter. If you had one coin to your name he would take it.

In 1607 there was another Author called William Camden, also known as an historian. Once quoted in one if his works “At kirkless nunnery lays Robin Hood’s tomb with a plain cross on a flat stone is the shown in the cemetery” Not only did he name him, he has such detailed accounts of where the apparent body of Robin Hood was buried.
We don’t know what truly happened, or even if he was a real person somewhere along the time lines. I know however we want it to be true, to know a guy that steals from the rich and gives to the poor actually existed back then to help people out. It’s not much of a legend, but this legend will always have it’s place in me.


xo Sophie