I've been thinking alot about Vincent Van Gogh and why he's inspired so many
people out there so I thought I would share my opinion, I would love to hear
your thoughts on him too, so just comment below.

Vincent Van Gogh

Born 30 March 1853 was an extraordinary artist, after he got his heart broken in college he poured himself into drawing. To see the stars in the sky and paint them like musical notes in his heart.

To boost his reputation as an unknown artist, and practice his new found love. Van Gogh painted human figures that he didn’t want to appear awkward, which this painting is well known for being called The “Patato Eaters” Piece, it was fully completed in 1885 after working on it for a couple of years to get the expressions and details correct.

This was recorded as his first masterpiece he created, however back then he didn’t get the recognition he deserved, the locals rejected his offers to hang it up in the shops and bars. None the less, he was never disheartened and carried on with his passion no matter how many set backs he would endure on the way.

Things took a spiral down for Van Gogh when he started suffering from acute mania with generalised delirium, he didn’t get diagnosed until December 23, 1888 when after one of his episodes he cut of a big part of his ear. Fighting his own demons he still managed to create such heartwarming and powerful pieces of art.

No matter how many times the townsfolk told him he was crazy, and never once appreciating the talent that was right in front of their eyes. Some strange reason even I believe Starry Night was based of his own emotions, him standing in darkness while the beautiful lit up sky staring down at him with hope. May of 1889 Van Gogh went to the Saint-Paul Asylum in the town of Saint-Rémy for a year, where he felt the demons hide and his passion burst out more.

He painted some of his legendary pieces here. Leaving the place in 1890 he felt at piece with himself and even said in a letter to his brother “I feel calm enough, and I don’t think that a mental upset could easily happen to me in the state I’m in.” Tragically not long after them words were spoken the demons swarmed his mind like a plague, and he tried to take his own life by shooting himself in the stomach.

However it wasn’t the shot that killed him but the wound 2 days after. It’s hard to think someone that came up with so much beauty in his paintings, was living in a forever darkness he couldn’t climb out of. To this day he always became an inspiration to us, battling with himself while he still did what he loved. If time travel was invented he could come back to see how amazing and famous he is. Never once have I though he was awful or talentless just like he thought, he’s changed lives with his visions and dreams. For that I am eternally grateful to see the remarkable work he’s done.

“I wish they would only take me as I am” Vincent Van Gogh

xo Sophie