What causes a person to fall in to a darkness?, to see the world in black when we see colour? What causes a person to think so negatively about them or their lives they just want to disappear away from it all to escape with no looking back. For me this is a little personal because 3 times I have tried but never succeeded, it has however made me spend time in hospitals recovering from the pills, from the pain I went through. Now looking back I’m no longer that person, I no longer feel lost in the world. What helped me? Oh believe me if I knew how I got gradually better over the past 7 years I would be able to tell you fully. But one thing I know for certain is the fact I was surrounded by people that loved me and cared for me. Surrounded by people that would do anything just to see me smile, saw me struggle but yet lifted me up.

I’m not here to write about me today though, I’m here to make you aware what people go through to even think about suicide. It’s not just depression that causes suicidal thoughts. Some of these things have happened to me, some off them haven’t. And I’m here to talk about what happens to the people around you, what would happen to them if you committed suicide.

Statistically approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide, that’s 16 per 100,000 people. Alot isn’t it? Bet you’re sat there thinking how you didn’t know how high the suicide rate was. There’s a lot of things you don’t realise. Rates of suicide have increased by 60% from the 1960s to 2012, with these increases seen primarily in the developing world. Because are technology is developing, it gives people vulnerability.

This is how we begin my first reason, bullying. The obvious reason, but yet it never changes. No matter how many Anti-Bullying signs you put up, no matter how many times someone gets in trouble for it, it will never stop. It always has and it will always be there. It’s all about standing their ground with all humans, seeing which ones are inferior and which ones aren’t. They’re the ones you have to look out for. Trying to stand about all overs, looking down on you like they are so much better. To to this they grasp someone with a weakness and that’s when it begins. Bullying comes in all forms and to understand I’ve put them in 4 categories. Hope that helps.

Verbal – It can happen anywhere you go, with strangers or people you know, they say hurtful things, shout abuse and put you down to gain power over someone else’s life. It happens everywhere in any situation or place. Could be where you work, could be in school it could even be at home. Screaming and shouting words at someoe, over even just saying them at a normal tone. Anything insulting can hurt them. But what do you get out of belittling someone? How does that make you feel putting people down just for your own amusement or to prove something?.

Social – With the technology developing and getting so much bigger, so do the apps we use. Which makes us easy targets to get bullied online. Hate messages, Death threats are all too easy now a days, Just one quick message from where you’re sat and that message will instantly get to them. They could be sat at home crying, breaking down with anything happening in their life, and your one message sent at that time could push them over the edge. it’ll make them want to die.

Physical – Getting pushed over, getting hit with objects, with anything is classed as physical abuse, This one I think is by far the worst, because it’s not only your body getting hurt but it’s your soul and emotions. Nothing hurts worse than a broken leg and a broken soul, absolutely nothing. Having to watch your back because you have no idea when something or someone hits you.

Mental – All of the above in one, but the worst thing about this though? Mental abuse leaves invisible scars, invisible struggle and invisible pain. Suffering in silence, each blow and word cutting deeper and deeper, messing with your mind just that little bit more.

Bullying is around everywhere, half the time they don’t have friends to protect them, some have friends but they are so selfish they don’t want to get involved incase it starts happening to them. If you see someone getting bullied I beg you please intervene to stop it. Even if you can’t do it yourself, get someone else to help out. It makes a difference if we can help anyone we can, because of of those people will probably be debating suicide, would you rather watch, let it happen infront of you and then when they committed suicide, living with the regret you didn’t help?. Now that regret can stay with you for the rest of your life, it will weigh you down and slowly kill you too.

Home life and outside the house life, many issues may arise and many problems can occur. parents telling their kids they’re useless, not worth it, scum, physical and mental violence happens a lot within families. Yet people don’t realise how often it happens. Their own flesh and blood bringing them down, making them feel like you shouldn’t be experiencing this pain, this torture on your mind that makes you want to end things.

I don’t especially want to make this piece too long like I feel like I’m doing. I just want to say, around you is always someone that is struggling, someone who is fading into the darkness. Someone that needs your help and support. Even if you don’t know them, you have to reach out to them, we need to stop people feeling like they’re a piece of shit. When someone commits suicide around them is like a card pyramid just been knocked over because I support card has fallen if you get what I mean. Parents losing a loved one, Friends losing someone they hold close. For those who feel like you’re alone, don’t you ever dare think that! There is someone watching you and smiling, there is someone that’s going to be there for you, be patient and kind to yourself and they will come.

Everyone is only on this earth once, so why the fuck would you waste it on making someone miserable? You need to create piece, you need to hold eachother up. Save someone who’s drowning, be their life boat. Enjoy everyday on this earth, because you don’t know what it holds, be brave and be the best as you can be.

If you need me, message me on here, I know this is a little short. It’s just harder to write than I thought.

xo Sophie