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Dear younger me.

Dear younger me, Your life may seem bitter and grim, you may feel like everything around you is falling and crashing. Sweetie you're the strongest kid I will ever know, you're getting through the bullying, you're getting through the black... Continue Reading →


Thank you.

Just received the notification, I have received 100 likes overall on my blog. I just want to thank everyone that has took the time out to read my random nonsense. I love writing about different Topics and Different stories. Opening... Continue Reading →

Robin Williams

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."


What causes a person to fall in to a darkness?, to see the world in black when we see colour? What causes a person to think so negatively about them or their lives they just want to disappear away from... Continue Reading →


We all love something to think about, something quizzical. So I thought I would hunt down some Riddles. Some are easy and some are hard, so put your best game face on and let's do this. An old man wanted... Continue Reading →

The Orchard

This is amazing.

J.A Scarrott

The Orchard

By J.A Scarrott

It was a cloudless morning, golden light showered down upon the small town of Appiton.  Quaint and quiet village folk slowly stirred as they carried out their morning routines. One such person was Marianne Mumford, who skipped her way down one of the winding village streets.

“Good morning Mr Thomas!” She called out joyously, waving a hand in the air.  

An elderly man, who had just stepped out from the local post office, straightened his old, crooked spine as the young girl approached. With a large, leathery smile he replied, “Good morning Miss Mumford. Off to work I see?”

“That’s right!”

“I’ve been reading some of your articles in the Apple Press you know,” The old gentleman waved a copy of the town’s newspaper, before tucking in back under his arm. “Keep up the good work missy.”

“I will Mr Thomas. Have a good…

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Vincent Van Gogh

I've been thinking alot about Vincent Van Gogh and why he's inspired so many people out there so I thought I would share my opinion, I would love to hear your thoughts on him too, so just comment below. Vincent... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood

Over the years we've all heard of Robin Hood, whether it's from a Disney movie or a reference. The heroic outlaw that decided to rob from the rich to give to the poor. A skilled talented Archer and swordsman with... Continue Reading →

Guatavita Myth

Something I love hearing about when I was a kid was Treasure myths. So intriguing that it'll make you want to go out with a spade and a bucket to collect the treasure.  Guatavita Myth. We all hear of different... Continue Reading →

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