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Best Thing About Reading?

I have gone to cities, countries and other worlds, I went on journeys with the most peculiar of people, I have widened my mind and imagination, Reading just isn't a way to pass the time, It's a time to discover... Continue Reading →

Vincent Van Gogh

I've been thinking alot about Vincent Van Gogh and why he's inspired so many people out there so I thought I would share my opinion, I would love to hear your thoughts on him too, so just comment below. Vincent... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood

Over the years we've all heard of Robin Hood, whether it's from a Disney movie or a reference. The heroic outlaw that decided to rob from the rich to give to the poor. A skilled talented Archer and swordsman with... Continue Reading →

Guatavita Myth

Something I love hearing about when I was a kid was Treasure myths. So intriguing that it'll make you want to go out with a spade and a bucket to collect the treasure.  Guatavita Myth. We all hear of different... Continue Reading →

Ben Ipock

"Don’t regret the past, just learn from it."

Fact or Fiction?

I thought I would do something lively to get you involved! Also thought it would be great to do this for the first time. Below I'm going to write 13 things, and you have to decide if it's real or... Continue Reading →

My top 20 favourite Disney Quotes

I'm sure you all remember when you were a kid and used to sit there and watch Disney, you never really paid any attention to what they were saying. Now we're adults we can appreciate it more, So much encouragenebt... Continue Reading →

Most Famous Unsolved Murders of All Time

Some of these stories are not for the faint hearted. I thought I would write a topic on the most famous unsolved murders. Some of these you may of heard about and some of these you might not of. I... Continue Reading →

H Brown Junior

​"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts"

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